At Advanced Home Loans the residential property market has always been very close to our hearts. We understand the immensity of the decision to buy a house for a young couple starting out, for someone planning their retirement and everything in-between, as this home may be your greatest investment.

Judy Venter


  Judy has a world of experience in the home finance industry.She is service orientated and will bend over backwards for her customers. She has always exceeded expectation with whatever she does and makes sure she leaves an impression of excellence with her customers.

Advanced Homeloans - Arno & Judy

Arno Venter


  I have been in the property finance industry since 2004. I started at Sanlam Home Loans in early 2004, which was a joint venture between ABSA and Sanlam. I received intensive training for months before the launch.

I then had the opportunity to join ABSA Home Loans sales, where I was one of the top performers. I joined FNB Home Loans mid 2005 in their Retentions department, where we had to convince FNB Home Loan customers not to move their home loans to other banks and convince them to refinance with FNB when they sell their homes. I then moved to Home Loans Direct Sales in FNB and was appointed as Team Leader after being one of the top performers. While at FNB I managed teams of up to 40 sales staff. After 10 years with FNB I had the opportunity to become Regional Manager for MortgageMax (the biggest home loans aggregation network in South Africa). I spent 2 years with them growing the business and cementing business partner and banking relationships, from which they still benefit. I’m now running an aggregation/ mortgage origination business with my wife, who also had over 10 years experience in Home Loans with FNB. We have a wealth of knowledge, insight and support in the Home Loans sector and we’re very passionate about our clients, service and fighting for every deal to make our clients dreams come true. 

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